Sampson and Delilah

Sampson and DelilahSampson And Delilah is the sexual and emotional journey of two lonely people. Johnny Walker, sexually insecure and with the emotional trauma caused by the loss of his wife, falls in love with Zinny Jones, caregiver for her senile father and emotionally scarred by a nightmare marriage many years before.

Johnny “Agile” Walker, estranged from his mother, is watching his wife, Beth, lose her fight with cancer. It is an emotionally and financially destructive time. Her medical bills have passed the insurance limits and he knows that he must sell his house in order to pay them.

Zinny begins worries that her father might need to go into a nursing home. A friend suggests that Zinny rent out a room for extra money. She is approached by Mark, her ex husband, who demands she sell the house and give him part of the proceeds. Zinny gets a room ready to rent hoping that the rent money will satisfy Mark. Walker sees the ad for the room and decides to check it out. He finds that the room belongs to Zinny and takes the room.

Mark shows up drunk and demands money from Zinny. Walker tries to intercede and gets floored for his efforts. Walker’s mother dies leaving him a large estate. He invites Zinny to dinner. She accepts and then regrets doing so. The dinner goes well but afterwards Zinny is scared that Walker wants more than just dinner. Walker does try to kiss her but Zinny has a panic attack and flees to the bathroom.

Mark sneaks into the house and pins a sign SELL THIS HOUSE to Zinny’s father’s chest. She finds it and screams just as Walker returns home. The climax comes as Mark is caught by the local gang leader. Zinny buys him off after Walker offers to buy her house. Afterwards Zinny comes into Walker’s room determined to share her love and thanks to him for what he’s done. They try to make love but Walker is still consumed by the memories of his wife and cannot sustain his erection. Zinny finds that her love for him grows as he shows that he too has problems committing to another person.