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Ripstop, Pennyloose and Free

On a day of placid sunshine
Ripstop, Pennyloose and Free
Sat outside the dappled door
Of their home in Tuscany.

I would build a zillion towers
And fill them all with gold
Ripstop said and yawned a yawn
That asked more than it told.

I would cancel all of death
Said Pennyloose the sage
Death is bad for living,
An unnecessary stage.

You both are talking nonsense
Said Free with some disgust
You cannot stop the flow up time
Or make pleasure out of dust

And Free is far too serious
Said Ripstop with a sigh
We know that time will take us all
And someday we must die

But friendship while we’re living
Makes up for quite a lot
And sharing smiles and little jokes
Is sometimes all we’ve got

A friendly smile cannot be bought
With a zillion towers of gold
And it vanquishes imposter death
And turns away the cold

So up and let’s be walking
This wicked world of ours
The three of us can find in life
The magic of the stars.